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//We're not just a digital agency; we're your partners in navigating the dynamic world of social media.

//We foster collaborations that bridge creators and brands, ensuring authentic connections that drive extraordinary success.
//Our mission is to empower creators to thrive by combining our expertise with the platform's ever-evolving nature and push the edge of creation.

// Creators

  • We're all about helping creators mesmerize audiences, boost their digital influence, and supercharge revenue streams.

  • Backed by a team of seasoned experts, we provide a treasure trove of tools and strategies to propel your monetization, virality, and outright domination across various platforms.

  • We're the masters of slick strategy and top-notch tools that elevate your platform, magnify your voice, and make your message heard far and wide.

// Music Campaigns

  • When it comes to campaigns, we're all about delivering through our premier creator network – think top-tier speed, unmatched value, and exceptional service that's practically a work of art.

  • Our expert team excels at crafting campaigns that hit the right notes, shifting in real-time to ride the trend wave for ultimate success, growth, and total platform domination

  • Our strategy is a blend of creativity and execution, ranging from brainstorming creative concepts to orchestrating multi-platform campaigns. We pride ourselves on being innovation aficionados, ensuring your music doesn't just make waves, but creates a tidal wave of impact and virality.

// Brands

  • When it comes to brand deals, think of us as your ultimate matchmaker. We're like the cupid of collaborations, using targeted outreach, our vast brand network, and a touch of nonstop pitching to pair you up with partnerships.

  • Our Inquiry Management pros are here to tackle the nitty-gritty negotiation stuff, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some virtual dealmaking magic.

  • At 88, we're not just about campaigns; we're your sidekicks in boosting the amount, quality, and price of your brand deals and cranking up your influencer superpowers.

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